PCORnet Committees and Members

PCORnet relies on a series of committees to oversee decision-making and leadership, stakeholder engagement, PCORnet’s data network, and research partnerships. Reach out to committees and learn about individual members below. Read more about how the committees were formed on our Governance page.

PCORnet Council

The PCORnet Council serves as a representative advisory body for PCORnet. It operates under principles of shared responsibility, respect, trust, and inclusivity, and strives to foster a shared commitment to realizing the PCORnet vision. The Council also plays an important role in exploring uses of the network by all funders of research. Collectively, the policies, operations, and products of PCORnet support the development of a robust infrastructure for the efficient conduct of patient-centered clinical research.

Voting members include one representative from each of PCORnet’s 13 CDRNs and 20 PPRNs, plus one representative from the Coordinating Center and PCORI.

Executive Committee

*Chairs of the Data, Engagement, and Research Committees participate as non-voting members of the Executive Committee.

Data Committee

The Data Committee oversees PCORnet’s data network, advancing informatics and research data innovations that support PCORnet’s goals.

Engagement Committee

The Engagement Committee oversees the design and continuous improvement of PCORnet’s system for engaging stakeholders, including patients, clinicians, research, health system leaders, industry representatives, regulators and others, in reviewing and recommending engagement policies and standard operating procedures. In this video, Engagement Committee Chair, Sharon Terry describes the history, importance and goals of this committee.

Research Committee

The Research Committee oversees the design and continuous improvement of PCORRnet’s research activities, which include generating and prioritizing research concepts, ensuring research quality, and developing research partnerships.

Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee convenes before the PCORnet Council schedules annual leadership elections and on an as-needed basis when vacancies occur and nominations are required for candidates for open leadership positions.

  • Bill Clark, BS, Patient Research Partner, COPD PPRN
  • Ken Mandl, MD, MPH, Principal Investigator, ARCH CDRN
  • Terry Mazany, MA, MBA, Co-Chair, Principal Investigator Chicago Area Patient Centered Outcomes Research Network (CAPriCORN) CDRN
  • Holly Peay, PhD, MS, Co-Chair, Principal Investigator, DuchenneConnect Registry Network PPRN
Advisory Group

The Advisory Group was established to build relationships between research funders and PCORnet and to ensure coordination with federal and private sector health data and research initiatives that affect PCORnet. Members will include representatives from:

Last updated on April 11, 2018