offers the capacity to conduct transformative and high-impact clinical research with our unique combination of real-world data, research capabilities, patient partnerships, and broad array of health services researchers.


Discover how our partnership model empowers us to answer the questions that matter most to patients and those who care for them.


Data at Scale

Learn more about how Electronic Health Record (EHR) and Claims data provided by our unique Network can improve your research, answer critical clinical questions, and give you access to health services researchers at our partner organizations.


Network Solutions

Get to know PCORnet’s Clinical Research Networks (CRN) and Health Plan Research Networks (HPRN) and how they help us deliver high-impact, patient-centered research results.

The Network

By the Numbers

Our ability to draw from researchers, patients, and providers motivated by a shared mission of transforming patient-centered clinical research means we are uniquely positioned as a Network to answer the clinical questions most critical to advancing our public health.

Care Providers
Safety Net Facilities
Health Systems

Enhanced Research Quality and Efficiency at an Optimal Price

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Sound Evidence

In partnership with research collaborators and funders, we will ask the right questions to advance solutions where there is unmet clinical need.

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Answers Accelerated

Our Network enables researchers access to over 66+ million trial-eligible patients and to a streamlined, cost-efficient research infrastructure.

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Smarter Solutions

We curate the real-world evidence necessary to generate better results and advance health solutions.

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Efficiency Built In

All of our sites have signed on to the Common Data Model and SMART IRB reliance for single Institutional Review Board (IRB) review. Our Network is built for administrative streamlining. We do research, not endless paperwork.

PCORnet is Well-Suited to Conduct

  • Real-world evidence studies
  • Pragmatic clinical trials
  • Population health research
  • Health systems research
  • Studies on how best to engage patients in research
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