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Learn more about PCORnet®’s clinical research capabilities and how the Network can support your research goals.

Why Work With PCORnet?

Supported by real-world evidence generated from linked electronic health record (EHR) data, PCORnet facilitates collaborator identification for and conduct of high-impact, cost-efficient, and patient-centered observational and interventional multi-site research.

Conduct Research
at Scale

PCORnet’s real-world data from 66+ million individuals offers representative breadth, as well as the ability to reach back to research-ready patient populations.

Reduce Cost &

PCORnet’s research processes are streamlined for Network collaboration and time savings, and our Common Data Model is structured to answer questions quickly.

Deliver Results
That Matter

PCORnet’s built-in patient partnership model ensures that clinical research is designed, conducted, and disseminated with and for patients and those who care for them.

What PCORnet Does

PCORnet Clinical Research Networks and Health Plan Research Networks are at the cutting-edge of observational and interventional patient-centered research that meets rigorous engagement, quality, regulatory, and administrative requirements. While PCORnet is fit for a broad range of research types, the Network focuses on studies like:

Real-world evidence studies
Pragmatic clinical trials
Population health research
Health systems research
Studies on how best to engage people in research
  • Research to develop and test effectiveness of approaches for engaging patients and other stakeholders in the research process
  • Studies on the lived experiences of those with disease, illness, and interventions
  • Clinical studies on a range of interventions including preventive, behavioral, medical, surgical, or delivery system
  • Comparative effectiveness studies
  • Prospective observational studies
  • Post-market evaluations of interventions that are already in use to assess safety and effectiveness in a sub-population and support label expansion
  • Surveillance and epidemiological descriptive studies for disease and injury
  • Health disparities
  • Distribution of social and behavioral factors and their effect on health and healthcare
  • Studies on guidelines implementation
  • Learning health systems research responsive to health system priorities

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“The National Health Council (NHC) is proud to partner with PCORnet to engage patients to develop and use patient-relevant research, informatics, and regulatory infrastructure to rapidly conduct comparative effectiveness research that advances Learning Health Systems”

— Marc Boutin, JD, CEO of the National Health Council

“Patients don't always know the intricacies of the human body and role of medicine, and healthcare researchers don't know what it feels like to live with a chronic condition daily. How do we have intellectual humility to recognize true expertise in both and have the patience and willingness to teach, learn and co-construct research together? #PCORnet”

— Greg Merritt, ADAPTOR