ADAPTABLE Study Aspirin Dosing: A Patient-centric Trial Assessing Benefits and Long-term Effectiveness


To assess the association between antibiotic use in the first two years of life and weight outcomes in later childhood, with a comparative assessment of different types, amounts, and timing of antibiotics.

Who’s involved:

CAPriCORN, GPC, Mid-South CDRN, NYC-CDRN, OneFlorida, PaTH, PEDSnet, PORTAL, pSCANNER, REACHnet, SCILHS, AR-PoWER, COPD Foundation, MoodNetwork

45 health systems

Obesity Action Coalition, Smart Patients

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Group of 8 patient partners of the ADAPTABLE Aspirin Study


Lead Principal Investigator:

David Arterburn, MD, MPH


Kaiser Permanente Washington Health Research Institute


Through a Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI) Award (OBSTY-1505-30683).

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Identified ~65,000 individuals with severe obesity who have undergone a bariatric procedure across the U.S.

3 manuscripts are in preparation (description of the study cohort; weight change in adults after bariatric surgery; weight change in adolescents after bariatric surgery)

Currently working on the development of our Aim 2 (diabetes risk) analytic query

How we’re making a difference

Created distributed programming code to pull medical data from a broad geographic area and ensure racial and ethnic diversity

Large patient population engaged as stakeholders and are providing medical data. Researchers worked closely with patients and clinicians to develop this study and choose outcomes shown to be the most important to people with severe obesity

Large sample size, geographic diversity