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November 15, 2018
ADAPTABLE, the Aspirin Study

Many patients with heart disease take aspirin every day to prevent strokes and heart attacks, but we still do not know the optimal dose. The ADAPTABLE study aims to find the answer. Follow the link below to learn more on

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Research Studies

PCORnet is uniquely networked to offer the real-world evidence essential for answering the clinical questions that impact everyone’s lives and support studies addressing major public health issues (e.g., obesity, opioid crisis).

“Asking for help promoted equality and interactions between the science team and stakeholders, which added compassion and empathy to the study. This is an important element that hasn’t been talked about much and resulted in the development of not only more informed feedback from stakeholders, but also a real bond between the stakeholders and the investigators.”

— Douglas Lunsford, Patient PI, Obesity Antibiotics Study

“Our informatics and analytic methods, expertise, and experience allows timely support of clinical and policy-relevant research, adapting Network resources toward new questions as they arise.”

— Tim Carey, MD, MPH, STAR CRN