February 18, 2020

PCORnet® Study ADAPTABLE Inspires New Tools to Rapidly Compare Data from EHRs and Patient-Reported Data

The ADAPTABLE study broke ground as the first major randomized comparative effectiveness trial conducted using the infrastructure of PCORnet®, the National Patient-Centered Clinical Research Network. Now, a team of researchers building on the learnings of ADAPTABLE is raising the research bar with the development of a new menu-driven query (MDQ) that enables rapid comparison between electronic health record (EHR) data and information reported directly by patients. The MDQ is part of a larger effort supported by the National Institutes of Health Collaboratory Coordinating Center to develop and test methods for integrating patient-reported data into the EHR and to streamline data for use in pragmatic clinical trials.

Development of this MDQ is important because integrating patient-reported information and EHR-derived data allows researchers to see a more complete view of patient health. Patient-reported information can offer insights into disease manifestation that are not readily available in an EHR, including the capture of outcomes that occur outside of the patient’s primary health system. The new MDQ closes that knowledge gap by allowing users to query and integrate both.

Visit the NIH Collaboratory to learn more, including user documentation for the new MDQ and a summary of its development.