PCORnet Study Designation Request

PCORnet Study Designation, which reflects the PCORnet brand and its association with high-quality and efficient patient-centered clinical research, may be requested after funding is secured. To qualify for PCORnet Study Designation, a study must:

  1. Be people-centered
  2. Include at least one PCORnet partner network
  3. Use quality-checked data standardized to the PCORnet Common Data Model (CDM) format
  4. Use as many PCORnet resources as possible
  5. Demonstrate how participants/patients are engaged in the design, conduct, analysis, or dissemination of the research

The Submission and Review Process

Before submitting a request, it is important to understand the qualifications for PCORnet Study designation and be prepared to describe how your study is people-centered and how participants/patients are engaged throughout the study. PCORnet Study Designation may be requested after funding is secured, e.g., awarded and contracted, or executed. The first step of the official process is to complete the PCORnet Front Door Request Form, including the PCORnet Study Designation section.

Image detailing the PCORnet Study Designation Request (Post-Funding) process: Requestor, Front Door, Research Committee, Front Door, Requestor.
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Following an administrative review by the Front Door, your request will be reviewed by the PCORnet Research Committee to ensure qualifications are met. The review process takes approximately two weeks, after which time the Front Door will notify you of the approval status. Use the downloadable Request Form Template to preview the Front Door request questions and compile your information ahead of time.

PCORnet Study Designation FAQs

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Last updated on March 6, 2018