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Are you a reporter looking for stories to tell about new ways of doing research?

We have stories to share. The National-Patient Centered Clinical Research Network (PCORnet), a PCORI initiative committed to furthering people-centered research and driving meaningful patient outcomes, is a “network of networks” that spans every state in the U.S. PCORnet leaders are available to speak to subjects such as:

  • Engaging and partnering with patients and participants at every step of the research process.
  • Embedding research into everyday, real-world settings.
  • Harmonizing and curating data to find answers more efficiently.
  • Improving chronic disease prevention and treatment.
  • Investigating rare diseases.
  • Learning how to better research underserved populations such as children, people with multiple conditions, the uninsured and other vulnerable groups.
  • And many more…

If you are a reporter or writer who wants to learn more or get in touch with an expert in our network, please contact us.  We’d love to help you.

Media Contacts

Christine Stencel
Associate Director of Media Relations
(202) 827-7707
Jennifer Cook
Communications Specialist
(919) 668-8382
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PCORnet Resources

Media FAQs

How Can I Find Relevant PCORnet Networks or Studies?
How Does PCORnet fit into the larger vision of PCORI?
Where Does PCORnet Data Come from and how is it used?
How is PCORnet Different from Other Data Initiatives?
Has PCORnet Tested Its Functionality?
Last updated on March 23, 2018