Chicago Area Patient Centered Outcomes Research Network (CAPriCORN)

Details and Information

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Organization: The Chicago Community Trust

Contact: Shelly Sital at 312-898-0719

Principal Investigator: Terry Mazany, MA, MBA

Co-Principal Investigator(s): Fred Rachman, MD, William Trick, MD, Elizabeth Tarlov, PhD, RN, Howard Gordon, MD, Frances Weaver, PhD, MA, Stephen Wachtel, PhD, Abel Kho, MD, Raj Shah, MD, David Meltzer, MD, PhD, and Denise Hynes, PhD, MPH, RN


The Chicago Area Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Network (CAPriCORN) is an unprecedented collaboration with a mission to develop, test, and implement strategies to impact healthcare quality, health outcomes, and health equity for diverse residents in the metropolitan Chicago region and the nation. Within the Chicago metropolitan area, CAPriCORN seeks to address the needs of an estimated 9.5 million residents, including groups that experience significant health inequities partly due to variable access to high-quality care. Nationally, as a clinical data research network (CDRN), CAPriCORN is able to contribute data and expertise to strengthen the capacity of PCORnet to engage in sustainable, population wide, patient-centered outcomes research.

CAPriCORN is convened by The Chicago Community Trust with central technical infrastructure support from the Medical Research Analytics and Informatics Alliance. CAPriCORN includes a diverse group of private, county, state, and federal health systems; a consortium of federally qualified health centers; and other partners. In order to support comparative effectiveness research, CAPriCORN has established the regional Chicago Area Institutional Review Board known as CHAIRb.

CAPriCORN is an engaged partner in PCORnet and has participated in the development and current implementation of PCORnet demonstration projects. CAPriCORN will continue to nurture high-quality, high-impact collaborations with other CDRNs and patient-powered research networks (PPRNs).

Highly innovative from its inception, CAPriCORN has involved patients, clinicians, health system leaders, scientists, and other key stakeholders at every stage of the research and governance process.

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Initial Network Use-Case

  • High Prevalence Cohort Clinical Condition: Anemia, asthma
  • Rare Disorder Clinical Condition: Sickle cell disease, recurrent C. difficile colitis
  • Populations Covered by Initial Focus: Underserved, urban, rare disorders, children, and veterans
Last updated on September 1, 2016